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What to do at home in quarantine from Covid-19?

March 16, 2020 2:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What to do at home in quarantine from Covid-19?

What to do at home not to get stressed by the covid-19 pandemic? We leave you some suggestions here.

By Susana Pinheiro

You can simply work out, read a good book, catch up on that series, watch a movie with a glass of wine to go with it. Or put on your apron and invent new dishes and delicacies in the kitchen with the help of the youngest. These are some of our suggestions if you are in quarantine as a precaution against the current Covid-19 pandemic. If you have a terrace or patio, you can always get some fresh air and give a new look to the garden at home.

At a time when the World Health Organization has already decreed the pandemic, Portugal is on alert until 9 April because of the new coronavirus. The government has suspended classes and visits to old people’s homes throughout the country. And with the increase in the number of people staying in isolation at home to avoid the spread of the virus, the Order of Psychologists has already come out with some advice for those in closed homes.

“Keep informed and understand the risk, ask for help, keep in touch with friends and family”, as well as your usual routines and activities are some of the advice of the Order of Psychologists. Exercise, eat a balanced diet and “do activities you like and relax” are some more proposals.

Social isolation can turn into a headache if you cannot find a way to occupy your time, especially if you cannot leave home as a precautionary measure. And if you have kids, even worse, now that schools are closing well before Easter holidays to contain the pandemic. You’ll have to devise activities for them too. Some of them may even be therapeutic, like gardening and crafts. Give it a try!

Board games can also be an option, like the classic Monopoly, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, chess or checkers. And why not play and drink a glass of wine while offering a juice or lemonade to the youngest? You can have a home cinema session and watch a movie like “Two Popes”.

But if you want to get the youngest to study, you can always enjoy free one-click distance learning. Porto Editora and Leya provide free access to digital educational content for teachers and students from 1 to 12 years of schooling, during this period without classes.

There are empty soccer stadiums, beach forbidden to bathers to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus. The important thing is to protect yourself, but without going into social alarm. All over the world, the new coronavirus has infected more than 134,000 people and caused more than 4,900 deaths.

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