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Surprise on Valentine’s Day without falling for the usual cliché

February 7, 2020 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Surprise on Valentine’s Day, without falling into cliché

If we asked you what you’d like to do on Valentine’s Day without falling into the usual cliché, what would you answer? We’ll give you some suggestions. Hitch a ride on this trip with us without giving in to the routine.

By Susana Pinheiro

Valentine’s Day is whenever you like! Just do it with a treat, a nice gesture, a wink and a glass of wine to toast. Chin! Chin! As Carlos Drummond Andrade said “Valentine’s Day for me is every day. I don’t have days scheduled to love you night and day”.

Precisely on the day of the Valentine’s Day it is so easy to fall into the cliché of dinner for two in a hand-picked restaurant for romance to flow. If you want to go there, the best thing is not to postpone anymore and book a table in advance, in that restaurant that the companion had been watching for weeks and whispering in his ear with indirections that he would like so much to try the menu.

But are you really sure you want to go there? That you want to walk back in that rush to find a restaurant at the last minute just because you forgot to book before? And then call a couple of spaces and they’re all booked up?

You can always surprise the your better half on this day by cooking at home a menu for her or him, with a well set, exquisite table and a good wine on the menu! And toast to the feeling they have for each other. Create a kind of romantic peddy paper, leaving her little notes with clues all over the house. It can spice up the evening…

We can then get some ideas out of the hat without taking the day too lame. Follow us on this trip and enjoy a glass of Cabriz Red or White wine while you read our suggestions.

If love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and everyone remembers that something different has to be done, do just that: something innovative, surprise your partner. Be original. Don’t fall into the routine.

You can do it with a trip, even that romantic trip to Paris and Venice, but you can add something radical to the tour and also prepare a picnic basket with a good wine on the menu. Practicing radical activities with a toast soaked in a declaration of love, or daring to go on a rappel or paragliding adventure are a few more suggestions.

A romantic getaway to the high seas with a good wine in the silence of the waves, in the moonlight, may be another proposal to consider. And a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter flight in Oporto or in Lisbon with a basket of wine and some appetizers? You can also surprise with a romantic boat ride in the Douro, a night on board a sailboat or a horse ride. Receiving a massage for two at the Spa is another suggestion to relax on this day.

If you want to add the classic gifts of chocolates, perfumes, lingerie or tie, it is also an idea to consider.

The important thing is to be with the one you love. Victor Hugo used to say, “The greatest happiness is the certainty of being loved even though we are as we are”.

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